Why Frenchies Are the Best Dogs

May 20, 2023


French Bulldogs Are The Best Dogs Around

French Bulldogs are the #1 dog breed and if you don’t have a Frenchie yet, you might be wondering why. We are here to tell you all the wonderful things about Frenchies and why they make the perfect dog for you. Frenchies are loyal companions and make great family pets. They quickly adapt to their environment and owners. Are you single living in a condo and want the perfect dog? Get a Frenchie! Are you a family of 6 and live on a farm? Get a Frenchie! Are you happily partnered up and want to love on a dog? Get a Frenchie! Frenchies fit into any type of family dynamic and truly love their owners. They will follow you around, snort, kiss, put their paw on you and give you the *sweetest* puppy dog eyes. They are great because of their hilarious personalities. They will make you laugh even on the worst days. Their goofiness is contagious. You’re guaranteed to laugh everyday with a Frenchie. There are no bad days when a Frenchie is around. Frenchies are the best dogs and there is a reason why they are ranked so highly as the most popular dog.

Why You Need a French Bulldog

If you’ve been searching for the perfect dog, look no further. Your frenchie best friend is waiting for you! Frenchies are wonderful with kids too. They have a gentle nature about them and play nicely with children. They are known to snuggle with babies and give kisses to little kiddos. They have a sweet disposition and not an aggressive bone in their body. We do breed for temperament and our Frenchies are very well behaved. They also make perfect companions to any type of dynamic. You’ll never be lonely with a Frenchie by your side.

French Bulldogs Are Expensive, Are They Worth It?

Frenchies are 110% worth it. They are expensive because of the time and money that goes into raising Frenchies. We have a whole page that goes over common expenses when raising Frenchies and when puppies are here it’s 24/7 care until they go home to their new families. Frenchies will be your forever companion and lifespan is 9-13 years. When you’re buying a Frenchie, you’re adding a new family member and for this reason, they are worth every penny. When you think about how they will be your new best friend, they are worth everything. We do suggest getting pet insurance if you plan to add a frenchie to your family because like any new pet, Frenchie or not, pet insurance is a great way to ensure that your dog is protected if anything should happen.

French Bulldogs Personalities

Frenchies have goofy personalities! They are sweet, loving, gentle, affectionate, outgoing and playful. They are the comedians of dogs and will guarantee make you laugh! Frenchies do get along with everyone and make a new friend wherever they go. Frenchies have one of the best personalities we’ve seen in dogs and you’ll know what we mean if you get a Frenchie. They are paw-some!

Time To Get Your French Bulldog

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