French Bulldog Obedience Training Techniques

The first attempt to get your French Bulldog Puppy obedience trained either by you or a professional should be when you first adopt them and bring them home. Take the preventive measure and start teaching immediately. “Here is a great resource on this link to help you train and connect with your new puppy for life.”

Your French Bulldog Puppy comes with a big heart, willing to please you, however, YOU CAN SPOIL THEM TOO MUCH. It’s a hard lesson because these Frenchies are the most adorable on the planet. They make you do things you would never do for another dog. Are they manipulative? Yep! They have the smooshed face of no wrongdoing and you will bend over backwards just to see them happy.

Here are the following Guidelines for the French Bulldog that has good manners and easy to love! Only spoil after they get these areas down, if you want a well-behaved Frenchie puppy.

Obedience Technique Guidelines

  1.  Attentive when you call them!
  2.  No jumping on furniture (not good for their joints either) if you get a step block and allow them on a certain couch or chair make that their designated spot.
  3.  Crate training and house training down well before giving free range to your home, especially carpet areas!
  4.  Has manners when they see other dogs or cats!
  5.  Doesn’t get pushy if they see you eating, waits their turn!
  6.  Barks only if you would bark if you were a dog in the same situation!
  7.  Doesn’t chew or scratch anything but their toys or their own stuff.
  8.  Likes to cuddle and relax too!
  9.  Shows a good demeanor in car rides.
  10.  Likes their vet and everyone!
  11.  Loves children, no excuses coming from a Frenchie.
  12.  Can walk with a harness by 4 months old.
  13.  No jumping on you also!
  14.  Likes to take a bubble bath, our Frenchies love bubbles!
  15.  Is ok with you cutting their nails. Start this ASAP!!! Or it will be a rough one to overcome!

Ok so how do you get this type of Frenchie? It first starts with a really good pedigree far away from the Boston Terrier lineage over 40 years ago but some puppy mills still breed the Boston 4 generations back they do this to get bigger litters and females that can free whelp.

So checking out the pedigree is step one, step two make sure you ask the breeder what training they do? Saying they have kids that socialize them doesn’t mean they are getting obedience trained, it means they can play and have fun! The breeder should be incorporating good behavior methods that start with a well-behaved mother, they also will take more time in the house training and verbal training techniques starting at about 4 to 5 weeks.

The nursery area should be free from dogs fighting or barking, this will automatically constitute a less behaved little Frenchie. They learn their actions through environmental factors and their bloodlines.

Finally, the part you play in the behaviors are two-fold, being aware of what to do to get certain positive reactions from your puppy, this will require you to research what methods you like best, or if you choose to get a licensed trainer to help you after you initially begin working with your French Bulldog Puppy at home. A Czar Frenchie will be well on their way to being a great Canine Obedience Puppy however you can continue the training by reinforcing the behaviors at home, taking positive steps in putting time into the follow through and the methods we have given you on the training series on our site. Training the French Bulldog (House/Crate) (Obedience) (Socialization) these blocks will give you and your French Bulldog puppy the best possible start together. Remember you are your puppy’s leader of the pack, it’s your job to teach, love and protect your puppy!

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