Older Puppies & Retired Frenchies for Adoption

Older Puppies

Czar takes pride in working with families who have special circumstances with a child who has ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, or anxiety disorders. If we do not place some puppies by 12 weeks we will start training them for service dog training. These puppies will be good for traveling, being a companion for children or adults with diagnosed conditions that benefit to have a service dog. These dogs can calm a person with these disorders and give them the ability to be in a more relaxed state of mind instead of using medications. It is our goal to place our puppies in these homes as much as possible to give back to our communities a healthy, well behaved Frenchie that can actually change the environment and life of a child coping with a disorder or challenges. These puppies are still great dogs, but for one reason or another, they did not make the cut for exceptional. Either a characteristic flaw like not getting along with other dogs, or they can not fit into our program because of size, etc. Adoption fees are less for these puppies but they also will require an Application to Adopt and have a chance at a great family life!

Adult French Bulldogs Ready for Retirement

Typically we retire our females after three to four litters and our males retire at 7 , giving them a full life after the breeding program, just to have an awesome life with their families. We love all our dogs but we cannot keep them when making room for new Frenchies for our program to improve the breed standard and to give our retiring Frenchies a time in their life to enjoy the lazy days of just being a good dog! There are rescues from time to time that we may post for a rescue organization and we will require the same process for adoption. There is an adoption fee for these Frenchies and an application process. Only the best families get our wonderful adults, they have been selected to be a Czar for characteristics that are above and beyond a normal everyday Frenchie. They will be ready for retirement, but they will have intelligence, wit, playfulness and above all – love you like no other. Please fill out our Adoption Application and we will place you on a waitlist if all our current adults have been placed. We will adopt out three to five Frenchies every other year since we have a small breeding program. French Bulldogs are wonderful dogs for rehoming, they adjust very well if they have been trained in socialization and obedience. Which at Czar, we do both. We vet check our retiring Frenchies and send them to their new home with their health records. Each new family wanting to adopt either an older puppy or retiring Frenchie will be asked to fill out the application form. Once you fill out the application we will contact you and start the process for adoption. We hope to make 2023 the best year for improvement of the training our retired females and males . My hope is to keep french bulldogs one of the best go to breeds for families and for senior citizens.