Puppy Supply List

We want the transition of your new Frenchie to be as seamless as possible so we’ve compiled this little list of things you will need to get to prepare for bringing your puppy home for the first time!

  1. Taste of the Wild Puppy Food
  2. Pedigree Puppy in can
  3. Regular Baby formula (Walmart Brand) Gentle
  4. Crate
  5. Pet Bed
  6. Water bowl
  7. Food bowl
  8. Wee Wee Pads (Tabs on end are best)
  9. Shot Record Book (Supplied by breeder)
  10. Puppy Microchip (Supplied by breeder)
  11. Coconut oil
  12. Dewormer (Supplied by breeder upon transfer)
  13. Series left of Vaccinations
  14. NuVet Supplements
  15. Toys that are durable and no choking hazard
  16. Harness after 12 weeks to teach leash training (No walking with just a collar) Can cause severe injury to a French Bulldog puppies’ eyes and throat.
  17. Leash
  18. Dog Tag with Microchip Number (order on AKC Reunite)
  19. A few dog shirts or sweaters/ keeps puppy calm for the first few weeks
  20. Ear Mite cleaner / Can use Witch Hazel or Peroxide. (Do not use Peroxide on any cuts, the peroxide tears the skin more and it will not heal. Only use on closed skin.)
  21. Skin oil to keep coat Moist and soft/ Put on paws also Petroleum jelly use on paws in winter to keep from getting frost bite.
  22. Summer time keep in air conditioning 15 mins at a time outside, over 80 degrees. Use a cooling puppy pad if you want them to lay in the shade outside.
  23. Shallow swimming pool
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