We have been fortunate enough to NOT have encountered this genetic defect.

I have been aware of the defect through taking in rescue Frenchies that either had cherry eye surgery or were victims of their owners not getting it fixed. This type of issue requires immediate attention, so neglect is NOT a good idea thinking it will correct itself – it will not!

There are videos online on how to pop back in cherry eye and DIY ideas on the subject. This is very bad advice considering this is the eye area. The tissue around this eye is soft tissue and should not to be done by anyone other than a veterinarian.

Cherry eye is a genetic defect or an injury to the eye that causes the third eyelid to pop out. Once the eyelid pops out it can be massaged back in but then it can pop back out again. French Bulldog Puppies are prone to rough housing and at times causing the eye to get inflamed which can be a sign of the eyelid having inflammation. If you are a breeder keep the puppies nails cut down and clean so that if they do scratch another puppy it is not going to cause the French Bulldog puppy to get infected.

Breeding Practices

As far as any breeder breeding a sire or dam that has had cherry eye is poor breeding practice. This type of genetic weakness is typically not good because both parents do not need to have the cherry eye defect to pass it on to the offspring like other genetic defects such as DM where both parents attribute to the passing on of the defect.

To make sure the defect is bred out of a pedigree lines of the Frenchie, the families need to make sure before adopting a puppy that the parents are free and clear of all eye problems. Eye health is one of those top priority standards in the French Bulldog community. Any breeder following this practice shows integrity and high standards. In other words – do not support low quality breeders by feeling sorry for a puppy with cherry eye unless they are willing to give you the puppy for a small rescue adoption fee. Depending on the severity you may want to call your vet to find out the cost associated with the repair.

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