Why a blue Frenchie?

Our blue frenchies are never bred if they have any coat problems. We can go back 6 generations on on blue coat frenchies. Many blues have coat problems because they are repeatdly bred with two blue [pareents] . We select one blue

parent and one who only carries the blue gene. This creates a healthier frenchie and all our puppies are 75% non-shedding.Most blue frenchie breeders know the complexity of breeding Blues but they at times cut corners just hoping for a good outcome. At Czar Frenchies we dont leave things to chance we create the best outcomes by research and development practices such as the mothers care before during and after whelping.The puppies get a great start by theirenviroment and their nutrition. This is essential in raising a blue frenchie .Our goal is to breed the best blue frenchie for health, skin coat quality and highest standard of care . Blue frenchies require more supplements and rules for care than any other color. Let us at Czar help you plan for the best blue frenchie !

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