Why would you want to own a fawn frenchie?

First off these fawn frenchies are included in the AKC color standards for french bulldogs. So if you ever would have a desire to show at an AKC event that would be an ideal color to shoot for. They can be Regular Fawn, Black or blue mask fawn, black eyes, brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes or even hazel. Any color other than black or brown eyes disqualifies the frenchie from AKC events. So keep that in mind. The picture above is a Czar red fawn frenchie with a black mask.

Another good reason to get a fawn frenchie is that they stay cleaner than white or cream. They can be also the ones that are more common and less likely to be dog knapped. The fawn has a good coat but the poor quality frenchies have a course coat and it shed a lot as they become an adult. These frenchies can be cheaper than the rare colors but you should stay clear of back yard breeders even in the fawn color lines because poor breeding can contribute to coat alopacia, mites, and skin defects.

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