Shipping Information

We will either have you contact our list of Nannies we have used in recent adoptions, or sometimes we can fly with your puppy to the designated airport for pick up. The third option is we can meet you at Cleveland airport or Columbus airport for adoption transfer.

Your puppy will need paid in full before shipping. Either a cashier’s check sent within 2 weeks of transfer or bank wire.

Our dates for shipping will be selected at time of deposit. Your puppy will be shipped with their puppy package and will be health checked 10 days before shipping.

If you decide to select a Nanny, you will need to coordinate the dates and times with one of the providers we give you or you can find a Nanny also. They usually cost 350.00 to 500.00. Our cost are about the same for shipping the puppy for you.

Frontier Airlines has direct flights to certain locations all over the US and to fly a puppy is only 75.00 plus the cost of the ticket. Direct flights can be less than 3 hours almost anywhere in the USA. We do not recommend ground shipping, it takes too long for a small puppy, the puppy will be around other puppies that could be carrying a disease that went unnoticed and its stressful for the puppy to be crated for days of driving.

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