Our Special Little Angels

Welcome to our little special Frenchies page. There are two types of puppies or dogs on this page. They include puppies that we may have been tube-fed or bottle-fed and given a chance of life when they would not of survived and we felt in our hearts to give them a fighting chance for survival. These puppies may have clef palate, heart memoirs, external deformities, or floppy ears. We only try to keep the ones alive that have minor conditions and have minor problems. The other kind of puppy or dog on this page would be a puppy we rescue. They may have the same disabilities or issues as listed above but they are rescued and do not have our lines and may just have behavior problems just like their human companions. The following are some examples: hyperactivity disorder, aggression, socialization issues, anxiety disorders, and poor house training discipline. Of course we do not expect humans to have house training issues.Hahaha. Seriously though, sometimes people just have hard time with their frenchie and want to do the best for them and find placement where both can be at peace.

Unfortunately, sometimes we are faced with a new litter that has a puppy with health issues. We do our best to care for them and give them a chance for survival even though odds are slim at birth. We try to help them overcome minor health problems and give them a chance for a quality happy life. These health problems can include a runt that is developing slower, soft palate that needs a bottle for feeding, or defects such as cleft (not severe). These puppies will be available for adoption for a lower adoption fee. This will be adjusted based on the severity and estimated health cost for the puppy over its lifetime. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for a special needs Frenchie please fill out the waiting list application.


At Czar Frenchies we will at times take in rescue puppies/dogs that are in need of a home that may have health disorders and are a financial burden for their families. Also, there may be a Frenchie with behavior issues because of lack of structure and training. These puppies or dogs that have extenuating circumstances can find a temporary home at Czar until we find the perfect placement. These families will be aware of their condition and the steps that will be needed to give their new Frenchie an everlasting home. These rescue puppies/dogs are put in a two week quarantine and are vet checked before they are posted for adoption.

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