How to Socialize your French Bulldog

It is very important to have a well-behaved, socialized puppy. It can change their entire attitude and can make you love your Frenchie even more. To do this, you need to have a plan and know what you are going to do to socialize your Frenchie. French Bulldogs have a tendency to be very untrusting when you do not socialize them properly. When you go to pet them, they would fling their head back, and maybe even run and not even let you get close. Generally, this is from having a long period of time without a person, not being properly socialized, or having someone do something that will make the Frenchie not trust, an example is yelling or screaming. Socializing your puppy can also affect its behavior with other dogs. If a dog is unsocialized, it may still be good with other dogs. But, if your dog is not socialized, it is more likely to be aggressive with you or your other dogs. When you buy your puppy, its socialization lasts up to twelve weeks, but then your Frenchie will need to be worked with regularly.

Ways to socialize your Frenchie:

  • Taking your Frenchie on short car rides
  • Once your puppy has all its vaccine, carry your puppy around in public areas
  • Have your puppy accustomed to being bathed, having their nails cut, and getting groomed
  • Reward good behavior, but not bad behavior
  • Invite others to see your puppy once it has its vaccines
  • Allow other dogs to play with your puppy if you don’t have another. Make sure your puppy has all of its vaccines first though, for you do not want your puppy to get any illnesses.

You want to make sure all your puppies or dogs you are socializing are in a safe and non-threatening situation so that they see this as fun and good to be social, and do not think of fear when this subject comes up in their lives.

You want to make sure you are always giving your Frenchie their own personal attention, so they feel special and can trust you and others.

Socialization is very important for many reasons, but the main reason is your puppy’s behavior. You would not want a puppy that is running away from you when you try to pet it, or your friends cannot come over and play with your puppy or their dogs play with your puppy, for it will try to bite. Un-social behavior can cause your Frenchie to be very unhappy and try to bite and have immensely bad behavior. This is not typical for the breed but even Frenchies can show aggressive behaviors if not socialized at a young age.

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