Frenchie Weight

Many of our new families ask how much to feed and when to feed their precious Frenchie. French Bulldogs come in a variety of different weights, bone structures, and sizes. We realized there was no easily read weight guide for French Bulldogs, so we created this French Bulldog weight guide just for our families. French Bulldog weight and diet go hand-in-hand and the pedigree is also a factor. American Frenchies are typically smaller than the Hungarian lines.  If your Frenchie is overweight, feed slightly less over a short period of time. Make sure your Frenchie doesn’t stay overweight for too long, this can cause a spiral of issues from heart problems to diabetes.

Here are the average healthy weights for Frenchies:


Any Frenchie Dog weighing more than 35 pounds is at risk of joint, heart, and breathing issues. Exercise and good nutrition standards are an important part of the Frenchie’s health.

Use this calculator for your Frenchie’s adult weight.

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