Why would you like to own a brindle frenchie?

Brindle frenchies can be the most stunning of all patterns and colors if the breeding is right. Brindle frenchies coats can be shiny and sleek or coarse and shedding. Confirmation, size, intelligence, and of course does the frenchie shed? If these are all good genetic traits you will not only be able to show in AKC but you can possibly show in other events for being a brindle frenchie.

These colors stay clean and they look great in just about any outfit suited for a frenchie. Fashionista frenchie here we come! These beautiful frenchies can be black brindle, blue brindle, reverse brindle, a black trindle, or a chocolate brindle.

The only downside to a brindle is staying cool in the summertime. If you decide on a brindle make sure he/she has a cooling pad and a swimming pool ouside to bask in when in the sun. Baby pool can be no more than 12 inches in height full of water please. Frenchies can’t swim.

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