The Czar Gentlemen

Our Frenchie daddies have excellent pedigrees, health confirmations, are intelligent and docile. Color types are not our first priority for breeding! We retire our males after 5 to 7 years. They are health tested before age 2. If they have any genetic defect such as poor coat, unhealthy heart, lungs or breathing we will place them in a family home from our waiting list. At times the male stud may have low count for fertility or their not up to the AKC standard for the French bulldog male, we will also find pet home only placement.

Below, you can meet our Frenchie daddies! They are all amazing with the newborn puppies and are just so adorable!

Czars Bear Bear

Czars Fenchman Blue

Ramblin Gamblin Man

Czars Mr Boo

Czars Game on Oscar

Czars Scarpone the Man

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