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Our deposits are nonrefundable however its not requested until application is completed and we have found what you are looking for in a French bulldog puppy. We love matching the perfect puppy with the perfect family for him/her. When people make an appointment, they are coming to actually pick up their puppy and spend between 45 minutes to an hour going over the puppy training, feeding, vaccinations and our guarantee. We know our families love their puppies and most will say their pups are the most well behaved, even if they have other frenchies in their household from other breeders. Read what some of our families have to say about their Czar French bull dog puppy in Ohio.

We “only” invite deposit holders to our home for three reasons:

  1. Safety of our family having random people coming to just come and look .
  2. Spread of disease to our nursery minimized from having window shoppers coming to see Frenchie puppies with no intention for adopting.
  3. Better qualified families that have filled out, completed and been approved through our process.

This should give the families adopting our puppies reassurance that their puppy has been successfully given every measure of minimized risk from any disease such as Parvo since we do not let outsiders handle our puppies. If the adoption family is having their puppy shipped, or they are flying in to pick up their puppy full payment will need to be made within 10 days of transfer.

Some families ask if they can come see our puppies without a deposit but they are willing to fill out the application. After a few people going to several locations looking at puppies and possibly carrying Parvo on their shoes, or kennel cough we decided to ONLY permit real qualified adoption families that have selected a Czar Frenchie or have been approved and placed on our exclusive waiting list.

Our puppies are all trained before leaving in various areas, social behaviors are great, health checked by the vet once or twice, depending on age of adoption, crate trained, vaccinations in progress, and lastly the puppy is calm and mannered by our training techniques started at birth. If their behavior is not up to our standards they will be adopted for a much lower price with no guarantees. This happens but very rare since our puppies are from the highest quality of French Bulldog Parents. These lower quality pups are more comparable to the back yard breeders that are not aware of their linage and poor breeding practices but still charge adoption fees that are high for the quality they are providing.

“Imprinting” so all our Frenchies before adoption, are going to be prepared to be a lifetime companion for their family with ease from the day they come home. This process is what differentiates a Czar Frenchie from other breeders across the United States. We just don’t love on them and raise them in a home environment, we give them structure and imprinting from Day one in the process we are very confident that each and every puppy will be matched correctly with their new family.

Deposits are to hold your puppy until 12 weeks of age, we will complete two or three vaccinations before that time and have your puppy ready for you by the dates selected after deposit is completed. If you cannot pick up your puppy by the date we will board your puppy for a fee as long as we have the space to hold. If you decide not to get a puppy we can apply deposit for another litter in the future. Be courteous of our puppies finding their homes as soon as they can! They need to be placed so their transition is easier and stress free.

However, if we hold the puppy past 12 weeks and you do not adopt we will not refund or apply it to another puppy, this only happens if you do not communicate with us through his adoption process and transfer.

Thank you for reading and We Cant wait to work with you!

Ms. Angel

Czar Frenchies 

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