Why would you want to own a Merle Frenchie?

Merle colors are black merle french bulldogs, lilac merle french bulldogs, blue merle french bulldogs, and fawn merle frenchbulldogs. and a multi pattern and tri color as well.                                                                      l.
Many french bulldog breeders stay clear of this color pattern because of the health concerns associated with deafness and blindness. This only happens if a breeder breeds a merle female and a merle male to have a litter together. This is bad breeding practice and its not how our breeding program works.

We selected the healthiest merle male from Germany that has been health tested and is superior to most stud males. WE only started the merle program because of the unhealthy merles out there have no serious high quality competition until now. There are other high quality and healthy merles but there are very few in the United States. As my reserach continues cross breeding a frenchie could be the healthiest part of getting the rare patterns and the rare coat colors. If these cross breedings never occured frenchies could have been so badly inbred that the breed itself could have reduced in population just from the genetic defects that go hand in hand with inbreeding.

Merles are healthy if they are bred with testing of parents and using only one parent that is merle. The best merles that are the best in quality have the same standards of the AKC in confirmation and intelligence not to mention their ability to be a great family member. This has made all Frenchies score the best of breed in March 2023.