Why would you want to own a Merle Frenchie?

Merle French Bulldogs are a beautiful sight and have been gaining popularity for their rare color and beauty. In this article, we will discuss how much merle French bulldogs cost, why merle French Bulldogs are so unique and considered rare and more about them overall.


  • 1) Merles Have Exotic Coats & Eyes- Merles are known for their exotic coats and come in many shades and colors. From blue merle to black merle and even fawn merle. All beautiful and wild. Sometimes they have blue eyes depending on the color merle they are.
  • 2) Merle Shade is a Type of Genetic Condition- Merles can have crazy colored eyes because of a genetic condition that causes their eyes to be different colors.
  • 3) Double Merle Dogs Shouldn’t Be Bred- A good breeder will know that two merles shouldn’t be bred. Two merles can cause many health issues. Double merles have a high chance of blindness, deafness or both.
  • 4) The Merle Coat is Produced When a Dog has a M Allele Copy- Merles have a genotype of Mm, which means one allele of M for merle and m for non-merle. When bred to a solid color, you will get half the litter being merle in color.
  • 5) Merle French Bulldogs are Expensive- French Bulldogs in general are expensive. They require 24/7 care as puppies, c-sections, high quality food and high fees are associated with raising puppies and adults. Merle French Bulldogs are rare, exotic and expensive. Expect prices to start at $7,500 and go up to $20,000. Be wary of breeders that have ‘cheap’ French Bulldogs because there are many French Bulldog scams out there and backyard breeders.
  • 6) Merles are Extremely Rare- Many breeders don’t breed Merles and it can be hard to find them. Finding a reputable, good breeder is imperative.
  • 7) Merle French Bulldogs are Fun Loving and Sweet- French Bulldogs are known for their loving, outgoing personality, merle frenchies aren’t any different. They have a sweet demeanor and are great companion dogs.
  • 8) Merle French Bulldogs Can’t Participate in AKC shows- AKC only recognizes classic French Bulldog Colors. To learn more about French Bulldog colors and AKC color guidelines you can check out our color page. Merles aren’t a recognized AKC color. This is only an issue if you want to show your French Bulldog. If you want to ‘show off’ your French Bulldog, merles are a perfect dog then.

If you want a French Bulldog that turns heads and unique, a merle French Bulldog is perfect for you! They make great companions, are loving and very sweet. We typically have merle French Bulldogs once a year. We are a reputable and ethical French bulldog breeder that breeds a variety of French bulldog colors. Merles are a new addition to our Frenchie family because we love their exotic look and personalities. You can join or waitlist for a merle French bulldog puppy or see if we have any on our available page.



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