Czar’s French Bulldogs Pricing

It’s a family affair here at Czar, my son co-owns and is the proud trainer of Czar Frenchman Blue (Czar Frenchman Blue has been to college with my son, went on several vacations and has had a lot of fishing experience, now he gets to be a model Frenchie with Air Force credentials!). My youngest daughter trains the puppies from 3 weeks old to ensure proper social skills and begins obedience training. My oldest daughter co-owns a few of our girls and a few studs, she is located in Texas where we are proud ambassadors and hobby breeder of Texas and Ohio Frenchies. She also has a service dog handler credential and flies frequently with her Frenchies all over the world. My middle daughter owns a Czar Frenchie in Arizona and he has won the best dressed costume for Halloween and gets to be spoiled. She was the first in our family to fall in love with the Frenchie breed.

At Czar Frenchies, we start at $2500 for the basic lines that are healthy but have some form of conformation issues such as short ears, dull coat, longer legs or not proportionate. They will be happy, well behaved and have the best possible chance to be a great puppy! These puppies need loved too and we are just as selective in their new families as we are the other littermates with better conformation.

Most of our puppies are $3500 to $3800, they are high quality basic lines, with a good guarantee. These puppies are perfect for the families who adopt them, they may not be breeding prospects, but they are beautiful happy and easily trained when they go home. They will be a little different than those from other kennels because of our specialized training practices.

The pricing will go from $4500.00 up to $6000.00 for the best quality lines and breeding prospect puppies – both parents have no health issues, which is best for passing on good genes, best aesthetics, and overall perfect for the breeding standard. Some breeders charge $15,000 for these puppies and here at Czar we want to keep quality puppies at a better price point, so all families can afford the best puppies. There are no breeders that we will not accept if they follow our guidelines and practice standards.

If you decide a Czar Frenchie might be right for you, click here to fill out the Application to Adopt Pet or Adoption Application for Breeders.

If we do not have a Frenchie to meet your needs we can have you fill out a Waiting List Application for a future puppy.

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