Why French Bulldog Are Great Dogs For Empty Nesters

May 25, 2023

Are you looking for the best dog for empty nesters? Did you recently retire and wanting a special companion to travel with you or be the ultimate homebody? Look No further than the Frenchie. Frenchies make great companions. Read more to find out why!



Why French Bulldog Are Great Dogs For Empty Nesters

The Frenchie are known for their gentle demeanor, affectionate and lovable personality. Frenchies are one of the best companion dogs in terms of dog breeds. When they  initially bred used for lap dogs. If you’re looking for the ultimate couch buddy or a new friend to take on road trips, Frenchies are a great choice. There are other dog breeds whose main objective is to hunt and Frenchies only want to be a companion to their owners. They are affectionate toward everyone so don’t expect them to be a good guard dog (although they might think they are protecting the house from your mailman). Due to their small size, Frenchies can easily go on trips, RVs, campers, etc. They are small and compact making portability easy. We like to call them potatoes because they are easy to pick up and tote around, resembling a cute potato. Frenchies don’t need a ton of exercise either. If you live a leisurely lifestyle, they will fit right in. From their amazing personalities to their cute snorts, Frenchies make the perfect dog for empty nesters.

Taking French Bulldogs With You On Trips

Frenchies will gladly join you on any adventure. They get excited by new stimulation, friendly smiles and good smells. They enjoy stimulation of any kind and why taking them on trips can be a ton of fun. If you’re planning a trip in your car, RV or camper, Frenchies will come along and be the greatest companion on your trip.

Ready For Your Forever Friend?

Are you ready for your forever Frenchie friend? So if you’re ready, check out our available page and fill out a puppy application (link below). We can’t wait to make your dreams come true with one of our perfect Frenchies!


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