What are Fluffy French Bulldogs?

May 25, 2023

What is a Fluffy French Bulldog?

Are you wondering what is a Fluffy French Bulldog? Fluffy frenchies have come increasingly popular. Some say it’s a fad and others say they are here to stay. Their coat is much longer than a traditional frenchie and they take on the appearance of a long-haired dog. Just like other exotic frenchies, they are not recognized by the AKC. That means you cannot show them. The gene responsible for the long hair is the LH gene, also known as the fibroblast growth factor (FGF-5).  For a frenchie to be a visible fluffy they need 2 sets of these genes. If 2 carriers are bred there is a 25% chance their offspring will be fluffy. To guarantee fluffy, a fluffy must be bred to another fluffy.


Fluffy French Bulldog Price

Fluffy frenchies aren’t cheap and currently one of the most expensive types of french bulldogs to buy. If you want a fluffy, expect to pay 10-50k+ depending on color and coat. If a fluffy is a visible fluffy, you can expect to pay more vs a carrier. The meaning is a carrier, carries the gene for a fluffy and must be bred to another carrier or visible to produce fluffy offspring.

What Does a Fluffy Frenchie look like?

You may have seen a picture of these cute dogs. They take on a lion appearance with long hair. Yes, they are higher maintenance than other frenchies are because of their longer coat. Just like the French Bulldog standard (non fluff), these dogs weigh 20-28lbs on average, sometimes less or more depending on their line. They also stand around 12 inches tall.

Fluffy Frenchie Colors

The colors of the fluffies can range and come in a variety of colors! French Bulldogs come in a variety of colors  and patterns. Fluffy frenchies can come in many patterns including, white fluffy french bulldog, grey fluffy french bulldog, blue fluffy french bulldog and merle fluffy french bulldog. They also come in other colors such as, pied, chocolate, tan points, etc. If you want a fluffy in an exotic color you could expect to pay more.

Fluffy French Bulldog For Sale

There are many breeders selling french bulldogs who are fluffy. Mainly fluffies range from 10k-50k upwards. The reason is because many breeders sell them and they aren’t as popular as pets because of their high price tags. If you’re wanting a pet only frenchie, we have frenchies available.


Is a French Bulldog right for you?

Are you wanting an expensive fluffy or are you wanting a pet/companion? If you’re looking for a less expensive alternative, we have frenchie pups available now looking for their forever home. We have a variety of colors and genders waiting for their forever couch to snuggle!


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