Potty Training a Frenchie

May 20, 2023


Potty Training a Frenchie

When potty training a french bulldog, it’s crucial you have patience, persistence, and politeness while addressing the various trials and tribulations you may encounter. Yes, the difficuly of training any animal to be “house-friendly” is a task some may dislike, yet it’s necessary to ensure cleanliness and a low-stress environment when introducing your frenchie to the domesticated lifestyle. Read on to learn more about some of the great techniques to help you french bulldog adapt and become a fun, happy, healthy, and obedient member of your family. Enjoy!

Being Patient with Your Frenchie

Patience is key with any task, goal, or ambitious activity. Training a french bulldog is no different. Yelling, excessive punishment, and treating your bulldog negatively can result in an angry and disgruntled pet nobody will enjoy. In order to prevent this situation from occuring, you should exercise a calm demeanor, a patient outlook, and a forward-thinking mindset which allows you to visualize the end result of having your frenchie potty-trained for your home. Every frenchie is different and it may only take a few weeks to a month to train your french bulldog to your liking. While in some rare cases it may take longer, it’s ultimately all about focusing on results and powering through the negative situations. Maintain a positive mindset and everything else will follow suit accordingly.

Rewarding Your Frenchie When Goals are Achieved

A proper reward system is another crucial element when training your frenchie. Everyone, including pets, love to be rewarded when they do the right thing. Providing your french bulldog with a healthy treat when completing a certain module of your potty-training program will induce a positive correlation when they listen attentively and respond appropriately to directions given. After a certain amount of time, your frenchies will become accustomed to the reward system of treats, so you’ll want to eventually transition to a more customary approach of rewards such as petting, snuggling, going for a walk, etc… to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle. Additionally, you may want to construct a climate-controlled housing unit just as a human would need) if you have many frenchies and make sure you have a siding contractor insulate the unit for safety and comfort. This can help to train frenchies outdoors and not have them run into accidents here and there from time to time.

Focusing On Positivity, Not Negativity

Overall, the best thing you can do when training your french bulldog for a domesticated lifestyle is to focus on positive goal setting and disavow negativity from the training program. Of course it’s important to address negative situations, yet there’s a strong difference between addressing a negative situation (peeing inside, excessive barking, general misbehaving, etc…) and dwelling on said negative scenario. Promoting a positive relationship with your frenchie will do wonders for their demeanor and morale and have them well on their way to loving you, your friends, and family; all resulting in a great, domesticated lifestyle where everyone involved is happy.

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