Male Vs Female French Bulldogs

May 20, 2023


Male or Female French Bulldog

When searching for your new pet, you may be wondering which will fit in with you and your family. We often get asked by our frenchie customers if we recommend a male or female french bulldog. A common question with many answers. We do our best in this guide to help you choose which gender is more suitable for your family. First, we want to point out that a male or female dog both are great and each have unique characteristics. We love them all so we don’t take a side but can guide you on their different personality traits and you can make an informed decision on which might be better for you.

Female French Bulldog Personality

Female French bulldogs each have their individual personality. Although no two female frenchies are alike they do have differences with their male counterparts. The first difference is the female frenchie tends to have a sweeter disposition overall, not to say male french bulldogs won’t because they sure do but female frenchies tend to wag their frenchie tails more at you and want more attention, this also makes them more needy and nippy for attention. If you’re wanting a frenchie with a sweet and affectionate disposition, a female frenchie is a good pick for you. They are sweet, loving and affectionate.

Male French Bulldog Personality

Male french bulldogs tend to be more alpha and boy(ish) from the beginning. We find they are more playful, goofy and assertive. They tend to be more independent than their female counterparts and exploratory. They have great personalities overall. Males sometimes take longer to house train but this is easily fixed after they are neutered. It’s mostly a territorial habit more than anything. Once they are neutered, this habit goes away with proper training.

Which French Bulldog is better with kids?

French Bulldogs are innately great with children. They are great family dogs and get along with children and babies. In fact, they love children and infants. They are one of the most gentle dog breeds. We breed our dogs for health and temperament, so you will be sure to know your frenchie will get along with your family and children. The bottom line is you can’t go wrong with a male or female french bulldog, both are great and we know you’ll love your new puppy. Both genders have amazing qualities that will only enhance your lives and ultimately make your life more enjoyable, fun and filled with daily laughter.

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