Top 5 Reasons to Get a Second French Bulldog

May 20, 2023


Is it Better to Have Two French Bulldogs?

The short answer, yes. There are many reasons to get a second dog or second French Bulldog for that matter. We are bias and think French Bulldogs are the best breeder ever and if you have a French Bulldog you probably agree. If you’re new to the French Bulldog club, welcome! Once you get a French Bulldog, it’s hard to only have one. Beyond wanting another one, there are actually benefits in having two French Bulldogs, which we will explain below.

  1. Social Animals– French Bulldogs are social dogs. They are extremely outgoing and love attention from people and having a companion is enjoyable for them. When you aren’t around and they are at home, they can get lonely being alone. When they have a fellow Frenchie to keep them company, it makes them happy and gives them something to do. Since they are a dog that needs stimulation, having a Frenchie friend will prevent boredom and encourage happiness and good health.
  2. Role Models– French Bulldogs tend to copy each other. The youngest in the pact always follows her adult counterparts. If you are wanting to have better success in house training, having a 2nd Frenchie will essentially be the guide to your new Frenchie puppy. They really do great in pairs.
  3. Snuggle Buddies– French Bulldogs are the ultimate cuddlers. They will do anything for a warm, fuzzy and cozy blanket. They also like rolling around on carpet and anything with texture. Give them a soft and warm dog bed and they’ll be in Frenchie heaven. When they have a companion, they have an instant snuggle buddy and this will in turn make them happy, especially when their human (you) isn’t around to keep them company.
  4. Health Benefits- There are many health benefits and studies have shown that Frenchies tend to live longer and healthier lives when paired with a companion. This could be due to the fact it prevents loneliness and gives them a dog playmate to exercise with, eat with, sleep with and go on adventures with.
  5. Human Benefits- As you may know, French Bulldogs make wonderful lifelong companions. They are amazing dogs with amazing personalities, by far the best dog in the world. French Bulldogs help humans by filling your days with laugher and happiness. French Bulldogs also can help with emotional support and make excellent service dogs as well.

We hope you enjoyed reading our list of why French bulldogs do better in pairs. If you’re considering adding a French Bulldog to your family or another one (or two, or three) to your pact at home, reach out to us or see our available puppies.

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