How to Know if Your Frenchie Loves You

May 20, 2023

French Bulldogs are goofy, funny and have so much personality. We forgot to mention they are big foodies too. They will do anything for a treat or piece of bacon. If you have a frenchie, you know what we mean! How do you know though if your frenchie really loves you or if they just like you for food. Frenchies do care about their owners deeply, that is true! Read more to find out what they really think of you, their human best friends.


Signs Your French Bulldog Loves You:

Here are some ways you can tell your French Bulldog has heart eyes for you:

They always want to be near you. If your French Bulldog always wants to be near you this is a sign of affection. If they are yearning to sit on your lap, sit by you next to the table or follow you into rooms, this is a sign they look up to you and want you near. If they don’t do these things, don’t be alarmed, sometimes dogs need space too and prefer to nap on their bed instead of follow us around. They can also be the independent type and do their own thing.

They give you the puppy eyes. You know the look, the stare. Puppy eyes are a way to know your doggie loves you. They are admiring you and letting you know they care about you.

They want physical contact. Has your dog ever nuzzled up to you with their frenchie snout and sought out physical contact? What about lay next to you while you’re watching tv? These are both signs that your french bulldog wants to be close!

They give you kisses. Frenchies will sometimes lick you as a way of showing affection. Have you ever talked to your frenchie while they were sitting on your lap and they admire you with kisses? This is a sign they truly care for you and glad you’re their owner.

They snort at you. We all know the infamous frenchie snorts, they are funny, cute and one of the many reasons french bulldogs are so adorable. The snorts are a playful way to say hello and to see how you’re doing. It’s their way of communicating with you. They are telling you something with their snorts. Have you ever cuddled up to your frenchie and hear a few snorts? This is their way of saying “hello, I like you very much”.

They share their toys. If you’re playing with your dog and they take a toy ball from you to play and you try to get the toy from them, if they release it they are letting you know you’re on their team. Dogs are animals who like to be in pacts and this is them showing you you’re the leader of the pact.

They sleep near you. Some people sleep next to their dogs in bed while others have a doggie bed in the living room or bedroom. Everyone has different sleeping styles. If your frenchie wants to sleep near you whether next to your bed or on your bed they are showing you that you’re in their pact and want to stay close at night. They are also guarding you at night just incase they hear any noises.

They run to you for help. Dogs run to their humans if they are afraid or sick. They want you to be near. If a fellow dog tries to hurt your dog, your dog will look to you for guidance. Especially if they are a smaller dog like a French Bulldog, they will try to have you pick them up (like a child).

Science Gives Us Clues Into Dog Brains

There have been numerous studies done on dog brains and how they show affection toward humans.  Dogs and humans have been around each other for than 10,000 years. That’s a long time! A study in 2015 done in Japan showed that humans and dogs share an oxytocin (the happy hormone) when gazing into each other eyes.

Another study done showed that MRI scans of dog brains lit up when smelling their humans vs smelling other people or food. Research also shows that dogs like praise just as much as food and both parts of their brain light up equally. Dogs brain activity goes up when they hear praise, indicating how important praise is to them.

Dogs and humans have a long history. Frenchies are a well-loved dog and care about their owners. They want your snuggles, kisses and praise but wouldn’t mind a few treats here and there for being a good dog. They care about what you think and love you as their owner!

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