Funny French Bulldog Names for Your Next Puppy

May 20, 2023

Funny French Bulldog Names for Your Next Puppy

Frenchies are funny, goofy and always have a silly personality. Why not choose a funny name for your next French Bulldog puppy!


Our list of funny Frenchie names:

1. Agent Bones, This one is for the animal who is mad over bones and can find it from any nook and corner of the house.

2. Aldo, It means “the tall one”. If your dog loves standing on his feet, then you should consider naming your dog Aldo.

3. Alarm, It means “the one who is your alarm clock in the morning”. Because we all know, eventually you will wake up to your dog licking your face to wake you up.

4. April, If you’ve got your dog home in April, then you could use that as a fun title for your furry friend.

5. Butterball, Does your dog look like a big chubby fur ball? Then Butterball is the best one for him.

6. Bruno, This name is inspired by the popular artist – Bruno Mars.

7. Bella, Bella means “the one who loves belly rubs”.

8. Cheesy, This is apt for any dog whose cuteness is too cute to handle.

9. Cuddles, This means “the one who won’t let you go until he gets his share of cuddling”.

10. Chico, This means “the cute chic dog”.

11. Disco, This means “the one who loves to dance around”.

12. Dexter, This means “the killer one”. You could even call him ‘Dex’!

13. Issac, This is a nickname for smart. Got a smart dog? Give it a smart title!

14. Lizzie, This means “the one who is full of quirk”.

15. Larry, This is an iconic popular dog name.

16. Marley, This means the one who is “always high energy”.

17. Nijog, This means “short for ninja dog”.

18. Polka, Want a name that matches your dog’s look? Polka is a great option!

19. Porsh, This means “the royal one”. We think it’s a hilarious name for a dog.

20. Sunshine, Because his eyes are just as vibrant and heartwarming as the sunshine.

21. Sumo, This one means “the one who loves wresting”.

22. Tango, This means “the one who keeps dancing around the house”.

23. Treat, This means the one who is always “a treat to watch”. We think this is such a cute nickname for dogs, even if you give them another name.

24. WaBa This means a “short for water ball”. It’s a funny title, apt for your furry potato, who loves to play in the water.

25. Yogini If your cat loves doing yoga and is super flexible, then her new nickname has to be Yogini!

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