Why would you want to own a Pied Frenchie, Anyways?

The cute little frenchie that is black and white, blue and white, fawn and white, lilac and white, brindle and white are absolutely adorable and original for each puppy. No two spots are the same size or same location.

Most pieds are healthy as long as two pieds are not bred together. We breed one pied to a solid that carries pied but never any other pattern selection for our breeding program.

Most of our pied puppies are limited shedding or non shedding.

Some pieds can look fabulous with the variations of color and popularity amongest some being on clothing, bedding, pillows and an array of memes! Black and white are by far the most common pied color. The more rare are the lilac and white, or my favorite the chocolate and white pied.

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