French Bulldog Health Insurance

May 25, 2023

Pet health insurance is a common question asked by our customers. We wanted to dedicate a page explaining our recommendations and also if you should get pet insurance.


Pet insurance can give you peace of mind and help you save on preventative care, routine vet visits and anything that could potentially come up in your pet’s life such as emergencies, surgeries, etc.

Pet insurance greatly depends on your financial situation and the lengths you’d go for your Frenchie. We highly recommend getting pet insurance and think that just like humans need health insurance, your pet deserves to be taken care of 100% as well. There are some procedures that if your dog ever needed they could be costly $2000, $5000 and up to $10,000+. Pet insurance is where you have peace of mind if anything came up in the future.

To give you an idea of medical and surgery costs, we compiled a list of common veterinary procedures and an average of costs. Every vet has different costs related to surgeries and procedures and the figures below is an average of collected data, you will have to check with your vet on how much they charge (these are not exact numbers but rough estimates gathered from data on google):

  1. Rhinoplasty $200-$2000
  2. Dental Cleaning $70-$400
  3. Allergy testing $300+
  4. Spay or neuter $250+
  5. Dental extractions $300+
  6. Cataracts removal $2500+
  7. Glaucoma surgery $6000
  8. Ligament repair $5500
  9. Hernia repair $1000-$2000
  10. Hip dysplasia $8000-$10000+
  11. Foreign body indigestion $1000-$3000+
  12. Gastropexy $1000-$5000
  13. Fractures or broken bones $2000-$5000
  14. IVDD surgery $5000+

(Also, vet offices like Banfield say they offer ‘pet insurance’ this is a yearly amount they charge for your pet to get annual check-ups, shots, deworming, etc., please don’t mistake this for pet insurance).

At Czar Frenchies, we offer a 1 year health guarantee against any life threatening issues. What about accidents, illnesses or diseases that come up or after our health guarantee?

Things like snake bites, broken bones and other things could end up costing thousands of dollars. A small amount each month for pet insurance can be the best long-term decision you’ve ever made if it protects your pet and preserves their life.

What we recommend: 

  1. Employer plans to see if they offer pet insurance, some have great plans!
  2. Healthy Paws is another great option. They are top rated and also have an app you can download for easy accessibility and convenience.
  3. Nationwide and other insurance providers can have excellent rates. They are also easy to bundle if you already use them for car, home, etc. As far as accessibility, Nationwide is super easy to submit claims and have great customer service.

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