Do French Bulldogs Have Tails?

May 20, 2023

French Bulldogs Tails

Tails in French Bulldogs can happen! French Bulldogs can have a small tail, long tail, or no tail at all. Most of the time French Bulldogs have a stub tail. If they have a long tail it isn’ longer than 3 inches and typically curls upward if this is the case. If they don’t have a tail you’ll only see a patch of hair on their behind that resembles a tail when there isn’t much of a tail at all. If your French Bulldog is a pet and not used for showing, a tail isn’t a problem at all. In fact, some people like the tails because they wag when they are excited or happy!


French Bulldogs Tails When Born

When French Bulldogs are born, they will have short tails most of the time. If it’s in their genetics to have longer tails or if one of their parents have a longer tail, it can be possible that your French Bulldog has a shorter tail. A tail isn’t much of a concern unless you plan to buy a show dog. Most of the time people who are buying their first frenchie aren’t too concerned with a tail. A French Bulldog will never have a super long tail like a German Shepard for instance. Most of the time Frenchies are born with a small stub as a tail.

Are French Bulldog Tails Docked

French Bulldogs tails aren’t typically docked. Some vets will ask the breeder if they want to dock their tails. This is up to the breeder on what they want to do. Most of the time French Bulldogs have their original tail they were born with.

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