Can French Bulldogs Swim?

May 20, 2023


Can Frenchies Swim? Find Out Here!

So you’re wondering if your cute and cuddly Frenchie is up for a swim in your backyard pool, your local beach, or just in a kiddie-pool? We have the answer: your Frenchie is best fit for land. If this is the answer you’re searching for, great! If not, we’re sorry to disappoint. The risks outweigh the rewards heavily for Frenchies swimming in water. French Bulldogs believe they can swim wholeheartedly, yet their body’s buoyancy is something which begs to differ. Read on to learn more about why French Bulldogs aren’t the best water dogs if you’re into water-based activities and why they’re absolutely great dogs if you’re interested in land-based activities.

Why French Bulldogs are Unable to Swim

French Bulldogs have a very unique body shape. They have big heads, smaller legs, round bodies; all of which lends to their extremely cute mannerisms and personality. While they may be able to take a dive into their favorite watering hole, you should actively avoid any and all unsupervised playtime near a water-filled area. The risks can be anything from choking on some water, to lethal consequences. These are scenarios you’ll want to strongly avoid to reduce the chance of a life-altering moment for your Frenchie, your family, and you. Safety is of the utmost concern for your French Bulldog and we want your beautiful Frenchie to be with you and your family for as long as possible.

Ensuring Your Frenchie’s Safety

If you must be around water for whatever reason, there are a number of life-jackets available for the French Bulldog’s unique body shape. Just as you wouldn’t let a toddler ride in a boat or play near a pool without a life-jacket, the same principle applies to your curious and playful Frenchie. Safety is key and we at Dream Valley Frenchies place a strong emphasis on providing our future Frenchie family members with the right precautions to ensure a long, fruitful, and fulfilling life for your Frenchie.

Choosing Dream Valley Frenchies for Your French Bulldog Puppy

If you’re searching for a beautiful, new Frenchie to welcome into your loving home, feel free to fill out a puppy application using the button below and we’ll be sure to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. We take great care to place our Frenchies in loving, caring, and safe homes. We only want the best for our little guys and gals and we know you do too! We look forward to hearing from you soon and are excited to help you on your journey towards Frenchie ownership!


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