Blue French Bulldogs

October 21, 2018

Blue French Bulldogs are beautiful and unique because they are not standard in look of the average Frenchie. They have a beautiful rare color of blue that can range from light blue to a color almost but not quite black. Usually a blue puppy when born will look blue and have blue paw pads, blue nose, and possibly blue gray eyes starting at 4 weeks of age.

These blues can have patterns of brindle, reverse brindle, solid blue, pied blue, or a combination of all the ones listed. One thing is for certain when breeding the blue color the breeder needs to maintain the integrity of the black or red within two generations to keep the skin allergies and coat in good healthy condition. Breeding two blues together can be very risky if there is no other color in the past two generations.

To continue to increase the health of the blue coat French bulldog breeders need to obtain a pedigree chart from their sire/dam and make sure that at least two of the past 6 dogs in there lineage are red fawn, black or brindle, or at least dark sable to give the color coat a healthy texture and an overall appearance that is not diluted and mousy looking.

Its apparent that the Blue French Bulldog Puppy is very popular and easy for the French Bulldog breeder to sell, however it also is risky for the buyer if they are not informed of the issues associated with this breeding color.

The reasons that AKC does not recognize these colors in dog shows is because of the health issues associated within the blue gene pool.

If you are ready to purchase a blue Frenchie, or you have already purchased a blue French bulldog there are supplements and products you can give to your Blue French Bulldog to help keep his/her coat healthy and supple looking for the life of your Frenchie.

  • Supplements that include fat
  • Oils to apply on the outside of their coat daily or biweekly
  • Good kibble Grain Free
  • Raw Meat Holistic nutrition
  • Butter, oils, peanut butter, eggs
  • Bathing every two weeks
  • Sunshine

These steps will ensure a better quality skin coat and overall health of your Frenchie .

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