Our Guide: Blue French Bulldogs

May 20, 2023



French Bulldogs are the #2 dog in the world. They are beautiful dogs with the best personalities among many other reasons frenchies are the best! We are in love with the breed and know you will be too! French Bulldogs have amazing temperaments, great with children, family dogs and gentle dogs. There is a reason they are #2 in the world and as frenchie lovers we know why too.

Blue French bulldogs are becoming very popular. They have a gorgeous coat and sometimes even have blue eyes! If not blue eyes, their eyes will change to hazel, green or grey. French bulldogs eye color aren’t guaranteed to stay blue but any color they turn will still be just as beautiful. You may be wondering why you should get a blue french bulldog. If you find a blue frenchie that is stunning with a great personality, they may just be the right dog for you! We really like the blues and all of the color patterns we will discuss below.


How Were Blue French Bulldogs Bred?

Blue French bulldogs carry the recessive gene to get the beautiful blue color. Many people think that recessive genes in french bulldogs mean you’ll have health issues. The only thing with blues is they sometimes can have more sensitive coats, more so as puppies than adults from our experience. Their skin can be more prone to oiliness. Other than that french bulldogs who are blue are just like any other color. If bred with selective breeding for health, you’ll be sure to have a happy and healthy french bulldog! Of course there are things that run in the french bulldog breed just like any other dog breed.

The way to get a blue color is to breed is to breed to another blue. It is said that breeding dilute dogs means less healthier dogs, which isn’t true as long as they are selectively bred and you have a healthy pair of dogs. The misconception is from the Color Dilution Alopecia (CDA). This condition is from a faulty d allele (the gene responsible for the blue gene), and if faulty known as dl. Not all french bulldogs carry this faulty allele.

A Full Grown Blue French Bulldog

Full grown french bulldogs are various sizes depending on their genetics and size of their parents. The standard french bulldog size is between 25-28lbs. Our french bulldog puppies typically weigh 5-6lbs and grow to become 15-25lbs full grown. We sometimes have larger french bulldogs that exceed 28lbs but this isn’t as common. Muscle mass on french bulldogs can also increase their weight and the diet they are fed daily. We suggest keeping your frenchie at a healthy weight for a long life and prevention of IVDD.



French Bulldog Blue Eyes

French bulldog blues can have beautiful blue eyes as puppies, however this may change as they age. They can definitely stay blue but the main determinant is genetics and if their line eyes stay blue. We have blue eyed dogs in our line and it’s a possibility. We don’t want to get your hopes up and guarantee eye color though. If they are blue as a puppy they can be quite striking and beautiful. If their eyes do change they still will have gorgeous eyes whether that being grey, hazel or green. It’s a surprise to see what color their eyes turn. If they stay blue that is anoter possibility.


Color Patterns of Blue French Bulldogs

French bulldog blues come in many color patterns. This is one of the many reasons we adore blues! There are many types of blues in the frenchie color combinations. Which color is your favorite?

Blue French Bulldog

The blue french bulldog is one that most people are somewhat familiar with. We don’t expect anyone to know all the colors in the french bulldog color combinations because there are a lot to remember. Blue french bulldogs are rare and usually have some white on them. You can definitely get a solid color blue but sometimes they have a slight amount of brindle on them. We have both blue brindle and solid blue french bulldog. It’s a matter of preference but we love them all!

Blue Merle French Bulldog

Another beautiful, exotic color is the blue merle french bulldog. If you’re looking for a frenchie that turns head, look no further than the merle frenchie! They typically have bright blue eyes or another striking color. Their coat resembles that of an oreo cookie. The M locus is how you get a merle color. Merle is a dominant gene and M is merle, m is non-merle. The merle gene comes in different color combinations and can dilute other colors like the picture you see below.


Blue Fawn French Bulldog

Another extraordinary color is the blue fawn french bulldog. We think this color is awesome because it comes in a variety of shades. We’ve never seen two blue fawns exactly the same shade which makes them extra unique! There is always a slight variation in color. Many people like the blue fawn because they are a fan of the fawn already and like the variations in colors of the blue fawn.


Blue Brindle French Bulldog

Another great color pattern is the blue brindle! We like this one because they look like blue tigers! It’s a very cool color. Brindle starts appearing after the puppy is a few weeks old and becomes prominent between 6-8 weeks. The color of the brindle can range between red, grey, yellow brown or blue.


Blue and Tan French Bulldog

A frenchie with a Rottweiler look to them! They are very cute with their little tan feet and eyebrows. If you want a cool color that you don’t see too often. A tan pointed frenchie is for you!


Blue Pied French Bulldog

A stunning color pattern, the blue pied frenchie is one that is adorable. A cow print of blue spots, too cute! Blue pieds are when a blue is bred to a pied that carries blue or is blue.


Blue Sable French Bulldog

A blue sable is similar to the blue fawn with black tick markings throughout their coat. A very unique color pattern!


Blue Cream French Bulldog

A blue cream french bulldog is a cream with blue undertones. Sometimes they can even have blue eyes which is a striking pair!


Blue Merle Pied French Bulldog

Another gorgeous blue! Blue merle pied is a rare pied with merle markings. A true gem!


How Much Do Blue French Bulldogs Cost

French bulldogs are expensive. If you see a french bulldog for under $35oo you want to go with caution. Frenchies are expensive for many reasons.

Blue french bulldogs are a rarer, recessive color and usually more expensive than standard colors. If you’re buying a blue french bulldog expect to pay $5000 and up. Merle french bulldogs are typically more.

Blue French Bulldogs For Sale

Are you ready to add a french bulldog to your home? We have beautiful frenchies throughout the year. We only have 2-3 litters a year. If you want a french bulldog we suggest getting on a waitlist for a future litter or checking out our available page to see what we have currently. We can’t wait to hear from you and help you find your dream puppy! We are always available to answer any questions you may have about french bulldogs. We give lifetime support to anyone that buys a frenchie from us!

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