Blue Fawn French Bulldog

May 25, 2023

What is a Blue Fawn French Bulldog?

A blue fawn french bulldog carries the dilute blue gene that is very popular in frenchies. The color that is created is a dilute fawn color as seen in the pictures here.

Blue fawn frenchies are absolutely gorgeous. They are all unique and always a variation of fawn. What we especially like is that no two fawns are alike and all are slightly different. Sometimes they even have light blue eyes and just stunning!

How Rare is a Blue Fawn French Bulldog?

If you’re wanting a unique french bulldog with a fawn color coat and unique features, we recommend the blue fawn french bullodog. Blue fawns have also gained popularity over the years because their coat has a soft shade of blue and blue mask instead of black mask as with the traditional fawn. The blue color is overall rare and the blue fawns are unique.

Blue Fawn French Bulldog Puppies

At Dream Valley, we have a demand for blue fawn frenchie pups, in fact we have many requests for this color and highly recommend joining our waitlist if you like blue fawns as they are a desirable color. What makes them even more desirable is their blue mask and traditional fawn coat but with a dilute to it, making each puppy that more unique!

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