Black and Tan French Bulldog

May 25, 2023


What is a Black and Tan French Bulldog?

Black and tans are stunning, their markings are amazing with the tan points on their feet and eyebrows. If you’re wanting a unique frenchie, we highly suggest black and tans. Have you ever seen a dog with tan paws or one that resembles a tan frenchie but with tan markings? That is a black and tan. We like to call these pups peanut butter paws because their paws look like they were dipped in peanut butter. These puppies are absolutely stunning! Their coloring is amazing and you’ll be sure to get a lot of looks if you have a black and tan frenchie. Some people call these pups black and brown french bulldogs but the correct term is black and tan. There is a cookie in NYC called the black and tan and these pups have similar color patterns as the famous hybrid cookie.

Black and Tan French Bulldogs For Sale

We often have black and tan throughout the year. If you’re interested in a puppy that is a black and tan frenchie we recommend filling out a


What Do Black and Tan French Bulldogs Look Like?

French bulldogs who are the black and tan have strong black coats and tan points. Sometimes we see the tan points lighter and other times darker. Here are some pictures of our black and tans from previous litters.

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