• The Most Lovable Frenchies Ever

  • The Most Lovable Frenchies Ever

French Bulldog Puppies – Why a Czar Frenchie?

There are over a thousand breeders of the French Bulldog Puppies  online at any given time.

What makes Czar Frenchies unique is the quality of the breeding selections and the confirmation of the French Bulldogs. selected for breeding. The Dams and Sires were selected for breeding because of health, size, disposition, color and confirmation. No corners were cut to produce the best French Bulldog that could be developed. Czar owns top quality Frenchies with excellent health with no genetic defaults such as skin conditions, hip, eyes, or heart problems. A one or two-year health guarantee is given to every puppy that is adopted and placed into their new home. Every litter is in a sterile nursery cottage to ensure healthy pups without concern for parasites or diseases that can develop in unsanitary conditions. Pups are handled, weighed and bottle fed for the first weeks of life. House training from 5 weeks to placement is started with all litters. First litter pan training, then doggie door training and lastly outdoor training. All measures are taken to create a happy environment for the puppy and to reduce stress. This goal has been our top priority since day one of our breeding practice.

Welcome to the most lovable French Bulldog site EVER! Our puppies will love on you and we will too!

Love our Czar Babies!

Our First Frenchie Started It All!

Our first Frenchie was bought as a Christmas present for our daughter , Averie. She wanted to have a famous looking Frenchie to walk the streets of New York while going to college at NYU.She sent me pictures and continued to ask for a Frenchie puppy.

In addition to three more Frenchies for our other children, we realized the breed had its positives. We had been breeders of English Mastiffs only for over 20 years, but we wanted a smaller breed that we could add to the program that would get along with our mastiffs. Now they are the BOSS of humans and canines alike!! these Frenchies are now ingrained into our lifestyle and hearts forever!

​Now we can’t live without these lovable, kissing monsters. Let us help you match your heart and lifestyle to a Frenchie puppy that is a great fit for YOU!

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